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January 15th, 2011, 09:14 PM
I have been a seed saver for several years now. I have one child, she turns 6 years old this Jan 16th. When she was an infant I saved as many baby food jars as I could for the purpose of seed saving containers. I wish I had saved more. The baby food jars work great if you have a dishwasher with a sanitize feature. If not then you could boil them in a large pot. Just remove the labels and hand wash prior to sanitization. The lids of baby food jars are sealing lids. It is a great way to recycle. If you know someone who has a baby ask them to save jars for you.
Make sure seeds are dry before sealing them in jars. You can add a small pack of desiccant if desired.

I like to write names and dates of the saved varieties in pencil on little pieces of cut paper and place them inside the jar with the seeds. This allows you to reuse the jars over and over. My future goal is to build a seed storage cabinet designed to hold all of my baby food jars.

I like using these little jars for seed saving purposes and wanted to pass along the idea for others as an option.

January 16th, 2011, 09:51 AM
You are dead on with the great for saving seed in them! I used to have tons but as the lids start going wonky* I have switched over to my jelly jar collection.( that I received from family and friends!) There is over 200 of them in every size/shape you can think of and they all are compatible with mason jar lids and rings.
But back when I switched over there used to be a glass blowing plant near my aunts home that would take your glass and recycle it, you donated the clear stuff, but any colored glass they sometimes paid for--not a lot but better than just dumping the stuff.
Sadly my daughter bought the stuff in the little plastic containers for the grand-baby-me I just cooked something good and we mashed it up fine for her--babies sure love baked squash don't they!
*both my babies are adults now and those lids just didn't hold up past the 15 year mark!:D

January 16th, 2011, 10:24 AM
i have a whole slew of baby food jars i saved just for that, :)

January 16th, 2011, 10:26 AM
My Daughter is saving them for me :D I love the real small ones :D I put one of those lil packs in them to jeep moisture from forming .. I use the ones that comes in my meds....

January 16th, 2011, 08:17 PM
Hello Emerald, tetasplantshack, & w8in4dave! You all are right in line with what I have adopted. Emerald, I like your idea of using small jelly jars to have the option for replacing the lids. When my baby food jar lids start to go "wonky":) I will remember that! tetasplantshack, great to hear that you are "recycling":)
w8in4dave, I do the same thing... Every little pack of desiccant I find goes right into my collection of seed saving supplies...

I have always stored my seeds in a stable, cool, dark, and dry location. Right now all of my saved seeds are occupying 2 large shoe boxes, completely filled to the top of each. I need to build me a seed box. Anyone built a seed box that they would like to talk about? Where and how do you like to store all of your seeds?
I love seeds:D They never lose their magic with me... I am super excited about this yearís garden. I can't wait to plant some of my favorites and try some new things. I placed a nice seed order with Baker Creek and also Seed Savers Exchange... It is going to be great to get those packages in the mail. I have a greenhouse that I custom built in my back yard. it is 8ft X 10ft and is 10ft tall.
This will be my 2nd growing season using it. I have all of my friends asking for me to grow a few extra plants for them. They offer to pay me for them, but I just like to share and enjoy letting other people experience how great heirlooms are! I have some good friends of mine that gave me some "Datil" pepper seeds. (very beautiful bright yellow hot pepper that dries well and has outstanding unique sweet and smoky flavor and enough heat to satisfy any pepper head) It is a native Heirloom from Florida. My friendís family is from Florida. Her dad sent her some seed. I am very happy to have some to grow out this year. I have a few dried whole peppers in storage. Next year I should have plenty to share and trade:) If I have enough seed I might even send Baker Creek some seeds if they are interested. If you are interested in what these peppers look like do a search for images on Google or Bing for Datil Peppers... Sorry if I got a little off topic:rolleyes: Easy to do sometimes when you have garden fever!

January 16th, 2011, 11:39 PM
Glass spice jars also make great seed saving containers. I used to use this method, along with buying old spice racks to organize them.