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OneoftheEarls March 20, 2011 05:04 PM

Re: What are you all doing for your gardens right now???

I have a yellow plastic wheelbarrel, Kubota tractor and a Rubbermaid dumper trailer...

2 rows left...planted up to Ukranian Heart (phew)

8cu....they make a my trailer under $200

99LS1SS March 20, 2011 05:27 PM

Re: What are you all doing for your gardens right now???
Just built a second raised bed. The first one is 4' x 8' and the second one is 5' x 10'. Next I need to fill it up with soil.

Prairie Princess March 20, 2011 10:39 PM

Re: What are you all doing for your gardens right now???
Started varieties of tomatoes, bell peppers, melons, squash, cauliflower, broc, buttercrunch lettuce, and a couple varieties of flowers, chives, think thats all.

Cleaned out on flower bed, finally got my hubby to understand the raised bed concept. He really liked the no till idea. Took a walk down to the old corrals and figured out how many hog panels I have, for trellis and the like. All in all a good day.

redneckplanter March 20, 2011 10:41 PM

Re: What are you all doing for your gardens right now???

Originally Posted by MVNewf (Post 733223)
Earl, that is COOL, what is it? Did you make that? Emptied out my 2 huge compost bins and hauled that into the garden today....I hauled 1,800 pounds yesterday and the final 1000+ pounds today.....I AM ALL DONE HAULING THE COMPOST:D:D:D I moved 3000 pounds of the crap all by myself this weekend....whoooohooo...the garden is now ready to be rototilled next weekend. The horticulture teacher at the high school bring the huge commercial tiller and does it for me....does an amazing job to;) the ground is not frozen here, well maybe it is deep down, but I could dig dirt about a foot deep and it was fine, wasn't even clumpy wet, was nice.....days are spring here now, just the nights get cold still.....

dannnnnnnnnnnnnng thats a lotta compost.
yours or bought?

happygardener March 21, 2011 03:14 PM

Re: What are you all doing for your gardens right now???
Going to plant peas and mix container soil using coconut coir, perlite and compost.
Plant onion sets. Really too hot to work that hard.

MVNewf March 21, 2011 03:52 PM

Re: What are you all doing for your gardens right now???
QUOTE redneckplanter;
dannnnnnnnnnnnnng thats a lotta compost. yours or bought?

Both.....I ordered some "loose" compost from the farm & feed store. I always have 2 huge composts in the way back yard....but I like to have 4" of compost added in my main veggie garden every spring before it gets was about 1,200 pounds of compost delivered to me from the farm & feed store, the rest of it was mine from over the past's a LOT to haul, but once it is in the garden and it gets raked out, doesn't seem like very much....

OneoftheEarls March 22, 2011 08:10 AM

Re: What are you all doing for your gardens right now???
These are in:

506 Dwarf Early Bush
AAA Solano
Abe Hall tray 3
Amana Pink tray 3
American Beauty
Amish Canning tray 3
Amish Yellow
Ananas Noire tray 3
Anna Aasa tray 3
Anna Hermann tray 3
Ashleigh egg shell carton
Banana Legs
Basket Vee
Baylor Paste
Bear Creek
Beefsteak egg shell carton
Belgian Pounder
Believe It or Not
Big Ben
Big Red
Black Anna tray 3
Black Bear
Black Cherry x Juliette
Black Giant tray 3
Black Mammoth
Black Plum x Yellow Submarine tray 3
Brown Berry
Buckbee’s First Quarter Century tray 3
Burracker’s Favorite tray 3
Butler Skinner tray 3
Canadian Dwarf
Cherokee Purple
Chinese Red
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Stripes tray 3

Cooper’s Special
Cow’s Tit
Dad’s Barber Paste
Dana’s Dusky Rose
Ding Wall Scotty
Dinner Plate
Dorothy’s Mennonite Beefsteak
Doubloon tray 3
Earl’s Holy Grail
Early Delicious
Early Red Chief (Canada)
Early Rouge
Ethyl Watkins Best
Farthest North
First Early
Fordhook First
Frank’s Large Red
Goose Creek
Grandpa Charlie
Grandpa Willie
Hazelfield Farm Red
Herman’s Special
Indian River
Indian Stripe
Indiana Heirloom
Joe Thieneman’s AU tray 3
Livingston’s Paragon
Long Tom
Mary Reynolds tray 3
Midnight In Moscow
Miss Kennedy
Nelson’s Golden Giant tray 3
Pearl’s Yellow Pink tray 3
Strawberry Margarita
Swisher Sweet
Tater Kin
Van Wert Ohio
Virginia Sweets

ABC Potato Leaf
African Queen
Amazon Chocolate
Aunt Gertie's Gold
Aunt Ginny’s Purple
Amish Potato Leaf
Barlow Jap
Ben Gantz
Big Cheef
Big German Pink
Big Mac
Black Elephant
Black Pear
Black Sea Man
Bloody Butcher
Blue Ridge Mountain
Boar’s Hoof
Brandysweet Plum
Brandywine Apricot (Yellow)
Brandywine Black-PL
Brandywine Cowlick’s
Brandywine Joyce’s
Brandywine OTV
Brandywine Pink
Brandywine Pink-Sudduth
Brandywine X Stupice F3
Brandywine Yellow Platfoot
Casey’s Pure Yellow tray 3
Cherokee Chocolate
Cleota Pink
Cooper’s Special
Depp's Pink Firefly
Earl’s Faux
Ed’s Millenium
English Rose
Flathead Pink
Flathead Orange “Popeye”
Galina’s Yellow
Gary O’Sena
German Johnson
German Pink
German Potato Leaf
German Queen
Grandfather Ashlock
Grandpa Charlie
Grandpa Willie
Green Giant
Grub’s Mystery Green
Grub’s X Shannon’s
Guker’s Special
Henry Field
Hillbilly Potato Leaf
Indiana Heirloom
Italian Tree
Japanese Trefele Black
Jeff Davis
Julia Child
Kentucky Pink Stamper
Kentucky Plate
Large Mennonite Heritage
Ledoux Special
Lenny & Gracie Kentucky Heirloom
Lillian’s Yellow
Limbaugh’s Potato Top
Lincoln Adams
Little Black
Little Lucky Heart
Liz Birt
Lucky Cross
Malinowy Warzavski
Marianna’s Peace
Missouri Pink Love Apple
Mrs. Benson
Mule Team
Old German
Olena Ukranian
Polish "C"-pink
Polish (Ellis)
Pruden’s Purple
Purple Haze
Purple Perfect
Russian Apple Tree-not found
Spark’s Yellow
Spudayellow Strawberry
Spudleaf 117
Stump of the World
Stump x Bear Claw
Summer Cider
Syrian Potato Leaf
Ten Foot Pole
Throwback Potato Leaf Plum
Toedebusch Pink
Turks Muts
Uncle Blaine’s
Uncle Mark Bagby
Vintage Wine
Watermelon Beefsteak
Yellow Perfection
Yellow Submarine
African Vining
Anna Maria’s Heart
Anna Russian
Aunt Anna
Basket Vee (oblate/globe)
Bawole Serce
Belarusian Heart
Belgian Heart
Big Valentine (Giant?)
Brad’s Black Heart
Budenkovka Red
Bull's Heart Orange
Canadian Heart
Cour Di Bue
Dorothy’s Mennonite Big Heart
Dwarf Red Heart
Eagle’s Beak
Everett’s Rusty Oxheart
Fish Lake Oxheart
German Orange Strawberry
German Red Strawberry
Giant Red Oxheart
Giant Syrian
Gildo Pietroboni
Granny’s Heart
Gran’s Portuguese Neighbor
Gus’ Heart
Homer Fikes Yellow Oxheart
Indiana Red tray 3
Italian Oxheart
Japanese Heart
Light Pink Oxheart
Linnie’s Oxheart
Lithuanian Crested Pink
Little Lucky Heart (PL)
Lucky Heart
Monkey ★★★
Monomahk's Hat
Mr. Tartar’s (globe)
Mrs. Houseworth
Nicky Crain
Northern Crown
Orange Russian 117
Orange Oxheart
Orange Strawberry
Oxheart Pink
Red Heart Yellow
Reif Red Heart
Russian Annie
Russian Heart
Rusty Oxheart
Serdeste Buivola (Bull’s Heart)
Spudayellow Strawberry (PL)
Spudleaf 117 (PL)
Sunset’s Red Horizon same as Rostova
Teton De Venus
Ukranian Heart
Uncle Mark Bagby’s
Verna Orange
White Oxheart
Wolford Wonder
Yasha Yugoslavian
Yugoslavian Heart (PL)

Txyardlady March 22, 2011 08:29 AM

Re: What are you all doing for your gardens right now???
Earl, I have the same trailer, had it for years, we had to replace the tires once, we use it often.

I'm still cleaning out flower beds, just took my pot plants out of the makeshift hot house, cleaning them up and repotting some. Hubby has onions, potatoes and some tomatoes planted. I've tried to talk him into the raised beds luck there.

RozieDozie March 22, 2011 08:45 AM

Re: What are you all doing for your gardens right now???
Lordy, Earl, that's some list!!!!!! I'm impressed.

This is delivery day for compost and concrete blocks for more raised beds and I'm looking forward to it. Not so much looking forward to hauling and lifing and shoveling tomorrow... :)

OneoftheEarls March 24, 2011 07:19 AM

Re: What are you all doing for your gardens right now???
repotted 4....noticed one was PL...checked...yep....Terhune, up, healthy, PL and repotted...many more to repot....doing 4 at a time

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